13 Situations Every Woman Knows with Her Favorite Clothes
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13 Situations Every Woman Knows with Her Favorite Clothes

Leggings are very useful clothes. They fit everything, and they're very comfortable. Although its elegance is discussed by many people, there are such stylish leggings; even in the most serious environment. Here we have compiled the situations well known to women who know this and can not give up leggings.

1. You have now forgotten your jeans size.
It's like the last 27, but I still have to give it a try.

2. The way to look for the perfect tights.
Every store will be visited, each leggings will be stretched and checked until they find plenty of leggings, no traces, no showing inside, comfortable tleggings.

3. He's favorite leggings are necessarily pierced one day.
Even if you fix it, it won't be the same. :(

4. Sore leggings after shower or cream.

5. The worst is to come home on a rainy day and try to take it off.
You're gonna cut your body off your ancestor.

6. Understanding that the tights taken as opaque and matte are bright and transparent on the outside.
It's called disgrace. This sneaky friend, who never shows himself at home, reveals all the facts about the sight of the fluorescent light outside.

7. Although it is the most ideal clothing in sport, it has some disadvantages.
We don't need to give any more details.

8. After a while you notice that your hand always goes to leggings.
T-shirt in summer, t-shirt in spring, sweatshirt or sweatshirt in winter. Combines never change.

9. When all your leggings are dirty and you have to wear jeans.
Even the softest jeans sound like stones.

10. Even though you find leopard, patterned, stapled tights ugly, you can still be charmed.
They are good for the body that is bored from plain black leggings.

11. The most useful garment in the world.
It is worn alone in summer, in winter, with socks or trousers on it, even with a skirt. He's the savior of days when you don't know what to wear.

12. Sometimes it makes people look weaker, and sometimes it is overweight.
There is no middle of this situation that changes from leggings to leggings.

13. It annoys men especially to express their opinion on leggings.
You don't hear ridiculous criticisms like "don't wear those over 30 years old", "don't suit those over 55 pounds", "deer tights season" because you know that whatever you wear doesn't concern people and never pleases them.

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