7 Reasonable Grounds Wearing Leggings as Pants

7 Reasonable Grounds Wearing Leggings as Pants

Whether leggings should be worn as regular pants outside the gym is a matter of debate for years. The question is if leggings are pants, or are not pants. Of course, everyone has the right to think freely about this, but I will try to make a case assessment from my own perspective.

Let’s take a quick look to the opinions of those who do not think that wearing leggings are proper clothing that can substitute regular pants; “Leggings, which are much tighter than regular pants, reveal your body curves, which doesn’t look very suitable outside the home environment or gym” think many who oppose the use of leggings in public. Do you think it can be a reasonable ground? To me, answer is a huge NO!

  1. First of all, it’s nobody’s business about what women can or can’t wear.

  2. Second, at least in the last two decades, the general trend in fashion is already prone to tight clothing, and apart from leggings, there are many types of clothing that also reveal the body curves. So, limiting yourself just because of this reason is not fair at all.

  3. Let’s talk about why we women like to wear leggings. The answer to that question is not that difficult. In all the hustle and bustle of life, we feel much happier in a comfortable outfit that gives us freedom, it’s as simple as that. Wearing leggings as pants in our daily life brings us the comfort we need all day.

  4. How about the question of “when can they be worn?”. To me, the answer is totally up to those who wear leggings as pants. In a more simple way of saying, whenever they want they can.You can wear leggings if you are the one who keeps gaining and loosing weight back and forth, which will eventually help you on saving your money. You won’t have to worry about changing your whole wardrobe each time you put on some weight.

  5. So, what should be the measure of wearing leggings as pants? While some think wearing leggings is okay under any circumstances, some others think that it completely depends the opacity of the fabric used. As long as your leggings do not show the color of your underwear, you are on the safe side. So make sure to choose one that are made of relatively thick fabrics. The rest is entirely up to your fashion sense.

  6. The general trend, however, is to combine them with a tunic, or a crop top, even with a nice T-shirt. Striped leggings for example can be matched with denim jackets or long denim shirts. Black mesh leggings entered the fashion world very quickly and became an indispensable part of our wardrobes. Even though they would look gorgeous with sports bra, whether they are suitable to be worn as pants is however questionable. The general trend about wearing mesh leggings is more like to wear them for workout rather than as casual pants. However, they can still be an option when you are on shopping or traveling.

  7. I can hear you asking “how about shoes that can combine well with leggings that can be worn as pants?”. All sort of sneakers or loafers are perfetly fine, but if you are fan of stilettos, I am afraid I have to be honest with you. If you do not want to compromise your comfort, please do not prefer stilettos when you wear leggings.

CONCLUSION: Don't let anyone pressure you on what you can and what you can't wear. Be at peace with your body and weight and don't confine yourself to clothes you don't love or feel comfortable with.

Wearing leggings as pants

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