Are Jeggings And Skinny Jeans The Same Thing? Which One Is More Comfortable?

Are Jeggings And Skinny Jeans The Same Thing? Which One Is More Comfortable?

What Are The Effects Of Wearing Skinny Jeans?

Today, tight clothes has an important place in clothing and fashion. Despite all the troubles they may give, there are many people who are willing to wear tight clothes and endure their difficulties. Everyone wants to look good on their special occasion. How about our body? Is it as tolerant as we are? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is No. Tight clothing can cause long-term disease and permanent damage. In order to draw more attention on the importance of this issue, we would like to discuss with you the effects of wearing skinny jeans that can have negative results. We have asked the consultant, and the answers are below:

  • It compresses the veins. Since the veins do not contain hard tissue, they cannot resist this compression and will be severely damaged.

  • Blood circulation is disrupted, and varicose veins begin to develop in the long term.

  • Since Skinny Jeans tighten the abdomen, they prevent breathing through the diaphragm. This makes us unable to get the right oxygen, which is the most important source of our life energy.


These are just a few of the answers we have noted. And we've seen how wearing very tight clothes like skinny jeans can have an impact on our health. And, skinny jeans in the lower part of the belly, cause continuous compression on stomach and intestines, triggering some diseases such as Reflux-> Ulcer-> Gastritis.

Moreover, the news about celebrities who have fainted in public because they dressed tightly have already attracted the attention of all of us.

So, saying that skinny jeans are not the innocent pieces of our wardrobe won’t be a wrong sentence.


What do experts recommend?

Jeggings we all fondly wear are recommended by experts rather than skinny jeans. This tremendous product, which also provides thinner look and the opportunity to move in comfort, has become a clothing that we can wear in any environment with the changing balance of fashion. Thus, the market has expanded, and it has taken place in showrooms in many different styles. Sometimes we hear middle-aged women saying, "I can't carry this young look".

However, we advocate the opposite, emphasizing that wearing colors and styles you like should not be limited to your age and that every woman should feel free on what to wear. Thanks to the lycra on the Jeggings, if you get the right size, you will look much more fit. You can also do the desired movement easily thanks to its 4 way stretch feature. Matching easily with both sneakers and high heels is one one the reasons which makes skinny jeans preferable. However, you can possibly do all these with jeggings you like without compromising your health. Having little stroll on our website will offer you numerous styles. In fact, of course, we're not telling you to give up all your skinny jeans at once but may be just reducing this tight-fitting outfit and putting more comfy jeggings on your wardrobe can be a perfect solution against this risk.

Remember, no restriction gives us the spirit of freedom, nothing else. Feel comfy and be brave, you can absolutely do it!

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