Silky Touch Fabric: Velvet

Silky Touch Fabric: Velvet

Throwback to history, velvet fabric served to royalty by the meaning of luxury and elegance. Over time, the fabric has become available to everyone and began to take its place in showcases and was used in the latest fashion products and reminds itself. Thus, the never ending velvet trend takes place in our wardrobes. When we think the clothes of 80s, velvet was one of the most popular fabrics in that time. Velvet clothing has been a visually elegant style and it creates a sophisticated and upper crust look that matches your velvet leggings. And, dresses, trousers, skirts have started to be produced in different colors to reach more receiver since then. Even though the matches have changed until today, the fabric used has always been the same. Therefore, this year, more modern, stylish, sports, formal or casual clothing is combined with a variety of options.

So, feeling to renew your wardrobe and looking for a luxury piece? Velvet fabric with its soft and silky touch is the best choice this winter season. We women always love to feel comfy and softness of the fabrics. With the silky touch, velvet leggings are not a dream to take a place on our daily wear. Our special collection, offers you super comfort and 4-way stretch feature while you wear leggings that looks sexy and gorgeous.

Matching Velvet Leggings

Now let's combine the styles and combinations of leggings on every moment in our daily lives and velvet fabric. Are you one of those who don't want to compromise on comfort and elegance? Yes, we thought the same way as well, and we invite you to take a little stroll on our website "" for beautiful styles of velvet fabric.

Let's continue with a sporty look which you can create your own style matching with any kind of tops. Against filtering the tops you have, maybe for a better look, you can prefer solid and bright tops instead of intensive patterned fabrics. As we all know, more sporty , calmer and more charming outlooks are preferred. When we think of the colors and tones of every cloth we have, we will be created. And now with our velour velvet leggings, you can easily catch a perfect formal look, but also a great daytime look.

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