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Our Story

Leggings are a staple to any closet. We wanted to make sure that everyone really knows that It’s All Leggings nowadays. Anyone should be able to have a pair of great leggings for style, function, and exercise purposes. We believe that all women deserve to have a reliable pair of leggings that any woman can easily buy in any of our stores. In our stores, we aim to provide an easy experience to find the perfect pair of patterned leggings that anyone could dream of.

Our Values

Here at It’s All Leggings, we value comfort, accessible style, and all lifestyles. Our leggings aim to help all women that are capable of not only being active but also sitting back and relaxing for a moment. Our stores value respect for our customers and our creative team values diversity in our customer’s sense of style. We want the best leggings for our customers, and we value that anyone can buy them.

What Sets Us Apart

Most leggings brands provide the customer with leggings that can be worn for yoga, for running, for sport. But we do more than that. Our leggings are not simply leggings- they can be used for lounging, layering, running, working, and even more. Our leggings provide immediate style to any outfit as we have a growing amount of designs and motifs at any given moment. With 500 patterns and counting, our leggings emit a message of uniqueness in both style and taste for every woman that wears them. Each combination of style and decoration is developed with the customer in mind, current styles and trends are always at the forefront of our company. We see what women around the world prefer and we equip them with it. We provide women with warmth in the winter with our fur lined leggings, and trendy cool comfort in the summer with our patterned shorts and capris. With consistent new product designs, our company accommodates customers with creativity to change their wardrobe at any given moment by simply buying a new pair of leggings.

Our Quality

Our leggings are made from a nylon-lycra blend (usually 90% nylon, 10% lycra) have traditionally been worn during exercise. Nylon lycra leggings are often referred to as bicycle or running tights, and are shinier in appearance than those made from cotton. Some have racing stripes or reflective patterns to further distinguish them as athletic wear and provide extra safety. However, beginning in the 1980s exercise-style leggings have also been worn for fashion and as street wear.

Leggings made from polyester-lycra combination, are more typically worn for fashion, but are also worn as exercise wear. These leggings are available in many colors, prints and designs; but black, navy and various shades of gray remain the most commonly worn. Opaque leggings are also common among women, and are sometimes worn without skirts.

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