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Selection of Leggings by Sport

Sports leggings are easy to move, sweat-holding, muscular compressive support, air permeable products. Leggings, which are the most important parts of sportswear, are essential for effective exercise. However, when choosing sports leggings, the models that are suitable for the sport should be preferred. The muscle group that each sport activates is different. Therefore, the preferred sport tights should be suitable for the sport.


jogging-leggingsRunning Leggings

 The tights offer easy movement thanks to their high waistband and are ideal for running. The fabrics of running tights should be synthetic or spandex. In this way, the moisture in the body is removed. Cotton fabrics are not suitable for sports because they adhere sweat to the body. Breathable fabrics serve to keep body temperature constant while running. In cold weather, sports leggings with wind-preventing fabric structure should be preferred. The sport tights with roving panels, ie compression zones, are the ideal choice for runners. The most important feature of quality running tights is that it has a flexible structure that does not fall from the waist while wrapping the legs. Running tights with zippered pockets allow you to keep your personal belongings and phone with you.


plates leggingsPilates Leggings

 Women’s tights for Pilates should definitely be non-slip. A slippery tights, especially in pilates balls, prevents you from making movements. The compression property of the tights should be moderate. When you do Pilates, you should be careful not to have metal pieces and zipper on the tights you will wear. Otherwise, these metals will disturb you on the cushion and pilates ball, preventing you from making movements and positions fluently. Another important thing for you to move comfortably is that the waist of the pilates tights is flat and soft. In this way, you will move more freely, you will be more flexible.


yoga leggingsYoga Leggings

 They are lightweight compression tights. It is quite comfortable to do yoga with these stretch tights with flat and wide waist band. With its flexible structure and feature that does not keep sweat in the body, flat stitched yoga leggings increase mobility. Yoga tights with waist supporting structure, makes positions more comfortable. It provides maximum concentration when doing yoga thanks to its non-slip flexible bands. The colorful and varied yoga leggings in Decathlon make you feel more fashionable and good at sports.

cycling leggingsCycling Leggings

 Cycling tights should fit into the body and not form layers. Therefore, it should be anatomical and narrow cut. When choosing cycling tights, particular attention should be paid to seating comfort. Sponge pad tights are a good option. Cycling tights should be preferred when cycling, which protects the print zones and offers comfortable movement and minimizes all kinds of irritation. Sweat-out fabrics provide a more comfortable cycling experience.


cardio leggingsCardio Leggings

The cardio tights should be flexible fabric that allows you to make any movement easily. Products that do not irritate seams should be preferred. Cardio leggings with sweat-out fabric provide a comfortable sports experience from start to finish. It supports the muscles in movements with its wrap-around feature. Cardio tights are also very effective in shaping the legs. It is important that the cardio tights have the feature of the fabric that surrounds the body in terms of non-slip. Tights with non-slip fabric should be preferred for good performance.

Tights which have gained an important place in sports clothes in recent years; Decathlon sports clothing products with different materials, colors, patterns and structures specially designed for each sport. You can easily purchase the most suitable tights for all sports from Decathlon for a comfortable sports experience.

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