Leggings are known to be work-out essentials, providing comfort and flexibility to all active women around the world today. However, when It’s All Leggings, comfort and flexibility are just the beginning. Made from a nylon-lycra blend, our leggings are perfect for not only streetwear but also for workouts. Our leggings have a smooth and shiny finish due to the unique blend of fabrics that we use. This allows us to be able to play with different patterns and colors to create the best legging experience possible.

The more athletically oriented leggings have racing stripes or even reflective patterns that distinguish them from other leggings and provide for extra safety on the road. Meanwhile, our polyester-lycra or polyester-spandex combination is more typically worn for fashion as they are available in many colors, prints, and designs. However, black, navy, and varying shades of grey are the most commonly worn and bought. Lastly, opaque leggings are also common among women, sometimes even worn as pants in and of themselves

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