How to Wear Shoes Under Leggings? - Tips & Tricks
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How to Wear Shoes Under Leggings? - Tips & Tricks

You like to wear leggings, and it's a pleasure for you to create different combinations. You don't like mediocrity, you want a constant change. You should be wondering how shoes should be worn under leggings, how shoes are worn with leggings. We have listed the most suitable leggings & shoe combinations for you.
Different leggings, models and color variations allow you to easily combine all kinds of shoes. There are only a few tricks to watch out for.


  • You can combine the color of the blouse, shirt, t-shirt or sweater with the color of the shoes you will wear on the leggings. You don't have to choose the same colors, you can also choose close colors.

  • You can combine the color of leggings with the color of the shoe. It'll look great!

  • If you have chosen dark colors for your shoes color preference, you can also combine the color of your leggings with your top clothing.

  • Finally, you can choose the same colors when choosing top clothing, leggings and shoes.


Maybe flat shoes are preferred shoes under leggings. You have the freedom to wear all kinds of leggings on top of flat shoes, you can wear any kind of leggings, regardless of their shortness or length. You can choose short leggings, wrist leggings, capri leggings, knee leggings, leggings shorts or long leggings. You just need to pay attention to color matching.


If you like to wear high heels, this combination is for you. It's just the length of the leggings you need to pay attention to. Make sure the leggings are not short. Choose the leggings that extend to heels. If you want to be a little short, you can also choose wrist leggings models. Especially for those who love leather leggings, you can try the combination of leather leggings with stiletto shoes.



If you want flexibility and comfort in winter you can wear leggings. You can combine your choice of winter leggings with all kinds of boots. Be sure to try the cottage combined with short leggings.



If you want to look sporty or want to do sports, you can try the combination of sport leggings and sneakers. You can choose any type of leggings without being limited to just sports leggings.
You can write your own leggings & shoes combination as a comment below. Your acclaimed idea will be added to the topic.


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