Side Stripe Pants



Looking for a comfortable and stylish option for summer? Look no further than our Side Stripe Pants! Made of premium quality fabric, these pants are perfect for dates, brunches or even the office. Featuring a casual and loose style, these pants are sure to keep you comfortable all day long.

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  • With their wide side stripe and comfortable, wide-leg style, our Side Stripe Pants are perfect for summer date nights or brunches.
  • The casual yet elegant style is also great for the office or work place.
  • Made of premium quality fabric, these pants are soft and ideal for activewear.
  • Whether you’re jogging, going to the gym, doing yoga or running errands, you’ll love how comfortable they are.
  • And with their feminine style, they’re perfect for a relaxing night’s sleep.
  • Made of Cotton Blend. Machine Wash Cold.
  • Available in Various Colors and Sizes of S/M and L/XL

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Green, Mustard, Red, White




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Side Stripe Pants Size Chart