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Best Long Tops To Wear With Leggings

Best Long Tops to Wear With Leggings

Leggings are the piece you can certainly find in almost every woman’s closet. They have become very popular for us women in recent years because you can wear them as like actual pants and they are very comfortable to wear, yet cost reasonable. Leggings, which we previously preferred only when doing sports, is a type of clothing that we can see in almost every frame of life today. From fitness class to travel and everything in between leggings are our “just put them on” items while still giving us a gorgeous look. With the combination that you will prepare with different upper clothing alternatives, you can easily enter any kind of environment and can attract everyone’s attention.

What tops look best with leggings?

The question is what to wear with leggings? Giving the right answer for this question totally depends where and when you are going to wear them. The selection of upper piece for your long tops to wear over leggings makes a huge difference in terms of your final appearance. Because leggings completely hugs your legs and hips like a glove, they look best when paired with relatively long upper pieces for necessary balance.

A long sweater, long sleeve tops or cardigan is one of the best choice to wear with leggings, providing comfortable and cozy fall and winter look. Just make sure you get the ones that are longer than the average, covering at least your mid-thigh. With the combination you make with a textured long sweater and stretchy leather leggings, you can catch both comfort fit and elegance. If you are looking for super comfy, laid-back appearance, just put on your favorite sneakers. Here you are, with a casual, cute look. But if you are going for an elevated look, go with accessories and knee-high boots.

A plaid tunic would be another good alternative to make combinations with your leggings if it is long enough. With the same approach, you may want to try a long denim shirt too. And if you wear a cardigan on it, this extra layer will give your outfit a new dimension and you’ll take it out of the ordinary. There is no limits to alternatives, you can have completely different atmosphere if you leave your plaid tunic unbottoned with a long white tee or tunic underneath. When choosing the right shirts or tunics to wear with leggings, focus on the lighter ones; With a semi-transparent light tunic covering your bottom and thighs, you’ll have a casual elegant look without looking heavy or dragged down.

A combination of tunic-length sweater and a waterfall model vest would be one of the best choice you can ever wear with leggings during the winter time. It can add additional charm to you. Make sure that these two pieces are made from fabrics of different textures. If you want to further elevate the entire outfit ideas, long leather boots can come to your rescue.

If you are one of those who can not give up wearing hoodies, we have a perfect idea for you: Put your leggings on with a pair of hunter boots. Then complete your combination with a cozy hoodie. Wearing a puffer vest will add your outfit more casual look. If you don’t need to be dressed up for anything, I guarantee that you will love this combination. Since I have limited space, I could only give you some ideas about long tops, use your imagination, I am sure you’ll find much better ones.

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