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Leggings vs. Jeggings: How to Set Them Apart

Leggings vs. Jeggings: How to Set Them Apart

Both leggings and jeggings are crucial pieces of clothing for any fashionable person’s collection. Although, at the same time, not many people are aware of the difference between the two. Thus, we are here to help you decide and make distinct comparisons.

Leggings and jeggings may seem like they are the same thing. While both are adaptable and form-fitting, jeggings are actually designed to look like jeans.

There are several similarities (and differences) between the two. So, without further ado, read on how to set apart leggings from jeggings.

What to Know about Leggings

  1. Leggings are short, fitted pants that cover the legs. Often, they are also linked to athletic wear.
  2. Leggings are popular in the gym, but they may also be worn outside of the gym. Leggings serve multiple purposes and are easily dressed up or down.
  3. One factor helps to explain their popularity: Comfortability. This is one of the main reasons why leggings are popular among many people.
  4. Leggings are produced from a variety of soft fabrics. Because of the spandex, the majority are stretchable.

What to Know about Jeggings

  1. Jeggings are leggings that transform into slim jeans. They are comfortable and cover the legs well. In this manner, they are very similar to leggings but have a different appearance.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, jeggings are not jeans. They are, however, composed of denim-like fabric. Denim is a cotton twill weave, whereas jeggings are polyester and spandex knit.
  3. Jeggings, like leggings, come in a number of styles, but their washes vary, just like any blue jeans you can find.
  4. Jeggings, unlike leggings, are not appropriate for workouts. They are more comfortable than jeans and are often worn in professional settings.

Jeggings Vs. Leggings: Making a Fashion Choice

Leggings and jeggings may be similar but they offer contrasting characteristics.

The Fit
Jeggings and leggings are sized similarly. Each one is stretchy and fits like a second skin. Both of these trendy outfits have elastic waistbands for easy on/off.

Leggings are more elastic than jeggings. Jeggings are constructed of polyester rather than an elastic material like cotton.

The Feel
Leggings and jeggings look and feel different. It can be tough to tell these two outfits apart at times.

The texture is affected by the cloth. Jeggings are comfier and thicker than leggings. Winter leggings are often thicker and fleece-lined.

Jeggings are comfier than jeans due to their homogeneous thickness.

The Level of Comfortability
Leggings and jeggings provide a close fit. The fabric’s stretchiness and softness make it comfortable and simple to move in.

Leggings are more flexible and comfortable, like loungewear or gym clothing. Jeggings provide exceptional movement but are better suited for errands or a coffee date.

The Style
Leggings feature more colors and designs than jeggings. Leggings come in a variety of colors and patterns, including tie-dye, animal, and floral.

Leggings are available in a variety of lengths. Because they mimic jeans, jeggings do not come in a variety of colors. Specific brand washes differ. Jeggings are available in dark, medium, and light washes.

Proper Care for Leggings and Jeggings

Leggings and jeggings that are simple to clean. They can usually be cleaned and dried in a washing machine.

Leggings care requirements vary depending on the material. Cotton leggings can be washed and dried, but the temperature should be kept under control.

Cotton shrinks easily when heated, so avoid using it. Wool leggings can be washed and dried in the washer. Ideal for drying wool without using a dryer.

Because jeggings are made of polyester, they should not be dried at high temperatures. To avoid melting, always dry polyester on a low heat setting.


Now that you know how to set leggings and jeggings apart, it’s time to see which one you like best. Of course, you must consider the fit among many things. Consider your style and how they are best suitable for your taste. This is how you can decide whether one is superior to the other.

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