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How To Choose Suitable Leggings For You?

How To Choose Suitable Leggings For You?

Gone are those days, where only the standard Lycra Leggings with only a few solid-colored options were available for women. Presently, leggings are available in a variety of colors, patterns, textures, waist rise and styles. Women are consistently on a hunt for new and unique outfit ideas, and nothing is better than to choose a pair of suitable leggings for all occasions like a casual outing, workout session, relaxing at home or a dinner date. A pair of leggings is considered to be the first choice for any woman when it comes to deciding what bottom to choose as they are comfortable and come in all shapes and sizes. A considerable variety of styles and patterns made with various materials that go with your taste and preferences have become a go-to-wardrobe option for women now.

A few key factors to carefully consider when choosing a suitable pair of leggings are:

Leggings Fabric

The most significant consideration when choosing suitable leggings is the fabric.

  • Cotton Leggings: A pair of cotton leggings are the most comfortable leggings one could ever find. However, cotton fabric naturally tends to lose its shape after a while. Also, it doesn’t possess moisture-wicking properties to keep you in a sweat-free zone whether you are working out, running or just walking.
  • Synthetic Leggings: Synthetic materials include nylon, spandex and polyester. These materials most likely have moisture-wicking properties to keep you in a sweat-free zone all day long. However, a pair of leggings made from these materials aren’t as soft as cotton but they do have better shape retention.

Leggings Features

  • Pockets: Ready for a run? But wait, where are you going to put your phone or your keys? A pair of leggings with pockets is the solution to this problem. Ordinarily, pockets like the mesh pockets are alongside the legs of the leggings or the back pockets on the waistband. Some have zipper enclosures too.
  • Waistband: An elastic broad waistband that is unrestrictive feels absolutely comfortable assisting you to go through your entire day hassle-free.
  • Inseam length: A smaller pair than your actual size would dig into your skin making you uncomfortable all day long whereas one that’s too large will fit you oddly and you would be constantly pulling your leggings up. Therefore, measuring the inseam length with a measuring tape, comparing it with the brand’s size chart and then buying a pair of leggings ensures a precise fit.
  • Design: Select a design that is in-trends and matches your personality as well as your needs as leggings now come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Leggings Length

When choosing a suitable pair of leggings, the length is also a key factor to consider:

  • Full Length Leggings: Full-length leggings would be till your ankle, and they are a go-to pair for runners. They are equally excellent for chilly and cold climates.
  • Knee Length Leggings: This specific type of leggings would reach below your knee basically around your mid-calf.

Leggings Waist Rise

There is also a considerable variety of waist rises available across multiple lengths.

  • Mid Rise Leggings: The fit of this style of leggings would be such that the waistband would reach below your navel.
  • High Rise Leggings: The fit of this pair of leggings would be such that the waistband would reach at or a little above your navel.

When it comes to choosing to buy a pair of leggings, a few practical tips might assist you in carefully making the decision. For instance – you could try performing a few squats that will help determine if the fabric will provide you with the proper coverage according to your body shape and size. Furthermore, this tip will assist you to ensure if the waistband is high enough for you and isn’t made up of translucent material. You could also try flexing your knees to know if your movement is restricted or not as the leggings that are tight around the knees are more likely to have holes in them when regularly worn.

Whether you’re looking to buy a pair of leggings for evening wear, professional comfort wear or to accentuate your outfits for a casual outing, ItsAllLeggings is the answer. Finding a pair of stylish and affordable leggings doesn’t have to feel like a challenge. At ItsAllLeggings we maintain an extensive collection for you to properly explore various attractive and affordable options. We offer an exclusive range of quality bottom wear clothing in various styles, color, design and textures. Come visit us with your family and friends either in our Store or Online.

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