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Why prefer Jeggings over Regular Pants?

Why prefer Jeggings over Regular Pants?

Jeggings this impeccable blend of Jeans and Leggings leans more towards the jeans part of its illustrious namesake than the leggings part. While regular pants/jeans are made out of 100% cotton fabric, jeggings are made out of a cotton/polyester-spandex-elastane blend. Jeggings are one of the most versatile bottoms in fashion today. The sheer variety of inspired designs and intricate patterns present is overwhelming and every woman’s dream. Many Jeggings are cut and dyed to look like blue-colored regular pants/jeans. They could typically be manufactured with similar contrast stitching and all sorts of ample pockets that any pair of jeans have. However, the difference lies in the addition of polyester-spandex-elastane material which possesses several key advantages.

Why jeggings are better than jeans?

  • Provide considerable comfort for long hours of travel: You can comfortably sit wearing a Jegging for straight 10 hours on a long haul flight. The stretch due to the polyester-spandex-elastane material equally makes jeggings less prone to cloth wrinkles making your travel plans hassle-free which isn’t the case with a pair of either denim jeans or pants. Jeggings as your travel partner wouldn’t give you a likely chance to genuinely worry about carrying a clothes iron whenever and wherever you travel. Just pack a few varied styles of jeggings in your luggage, and you are good to go.
  • Quick-drying fabric: The polyester-spandex-elastane material present in Jeggings acts like little capillaries to suck water out of the quick-drying fabric making it easy to dry whether washed or when worn during a sweaty intense workout session. Jeggings typically dry in half or one-third the considerable time that it takes regular jeans or pants to dry.
  • Available in short-lengths: Jeggings come with a denim-like finish with an upgraded fabrication compared to regular jeans or pants which are available in short lengths for women with petite frames. This wasn’t the case usually with most denim jeans options available. The pair of denim needed length alteration. In the present times, the breathable & comfortable fabric of Jeggings helps in the prevention of basic wardrobe problems like bagging and sagging. Ordinarily, every pair of jeans/denim requires the need for a woman to accessorize it with a belt around her waist to prevent it from slipping down. Therefore, the invention and availability of Jeggings have resolved this problem of every woman to a large extent.
  • Feels like a second skin: The super-soft, stretchy polyester-spandex-elastane cotton blend that’s carefully formulated is made not to lose shape or bag out when worn regularly no matter how many lunges, squats or sit-ups you do. The stretch material is carefully made to conform to a woman’s body in an impressive way that a pair of jeans, denim or regular pant just can’t. Jeggings material, style, and design are also ideal for women with bodily frames comprising broader hips and a narrower waist.

Jeggings perfectly blend the stretchy, form-fitting comfort of leggings with the classic look of jeans. They pick up the place in the comfortable & stylish clothing game where its cotton counterparts leave; a pair of Jeggings is also an ideal companion for footwear like boots, flats, and even heels. For summer, you can sport these slinky pseudo-pants paired with the right top or a blouson and your favorite shoes. For fall, pair your jeggings with a statement sweater or an oversized dress shirt. We, at Its All Leggings, maintain an extensive collection that offers various amazing and affordable options. Our extraordinary range is made with premium quality fabrics in various styles, brilliant colors, innovative designs, and intricate patterns.

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