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How to Find the Perfect Fit of Leggings - 5 Tips to Note

How to Find the Perfect Fit of Leggings – 5 Tips to Note

When you’re wearing leggings to work out, you’ll probably want them to fit tighter around the waist and legs, allowing for better performance. But when you’re wearing them as part of an everyday outfit, you’ll want to feel comfortable enough to maneuver around freely.

Unfortunately, most people buy leggings in too large sizes, which isn’t a good look no matter the style. Leggings are meant to fit snugly without having to adjust them constantly. When wearing leggings, one rule you should follow is to avoid stretching them out, as that can quickly become a problem.

To ensure you’re getting the right fit with your leggings, here are some tips to refer to the next time you visit a legging store:

Tip 1: Fit Them Just How You Usually Do With Your Pants

Leggings are meant to fit as closely as a pair of pants. Therefore, you will want to try them on as you would your pants and buy the right fit. If you’re in between sizes, it’s better to go for the smaller size than buy the larger one since you can stretch them out. Also, if you are on the petite side, leggings will be a good fit, even if you are one size down from your regular pants.

Tip 2: Take Your Measurements

You want to measure yourself correctly. That includes your hips, waist, and thigh circumference. You should also measure your inseam, as leggings are meant to stop at your ankle to mid-calf. If you’re planning on wearing them as crops, you may want to consider that. If your leggings are too long, you can roll them up and use a rubber band to keep them in place.

Tip 3: Consider Your Height and Weight

Leggings are generally worn very tight, and this can cause them to bunch up around the ankles. It will look funny when paired with some shoes. Therefore, you need to consider what shoes you will wear. If you’re taller and more plus-sized, you will want to buy leggings that stretch but aren’t too thick. Thicker leggings tend to bunch up more. If you’re shorter and more petite, you will want to buy more opaque and thicker leggings.

Tip 4: Find a 4-Way Stretch Fabric

Many leggings are made with a 4-way stretch fabric that makes them fit snugly and allows you to move freely.

Tip 5: Pay Attention to Length and Style

It’s vital to buy leggings with the right length and style for your body and the situation you’ll be wearing them in. Again, leggings are meant to look close to pants, so they shouldn’t be saggy. You will want to buy them just a little bigger than your standard size so they will fit snugly and not sag.

If you’re buying leggings to wear with flats, you will want to buy them more like your usual size to give you more room for your shoes. If you’re wearing heels with your leggings, you will want to buy them one or two sizes bigger to provide you with more room for your shoes.


When it comes to choosing leggings, there is no one correct answer. There are so many leggings styles and colors to choose from that you can find something that works well for your needs. Whether you are looking for leggings to wear with flats or heels, you can find a pair you like.

It will take some experimentation if you want to find leggings that fit well. You will need to take your measurements, consider your height and weight, and pay attention to the material and length. Once you’ve found the right fit, you’ll be able to wear your leggings confidently, knowing you look your best!

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