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How to Make Your Tights and Leggings Fit Better on You

How to Make Your Tights and Leggings Fit Better on You

Tights or leggings are great for exercising or even just lounging around at home. But that’s if they fit you just right. And let’s be honest, not all tights can hug your body the right way. Sometimes, they can be too tight or too short, making them uncomfortable to wear. But don’t give up on your leggings just yet. There are some things you can do to make them fit you better.

Squat and Lunge
As women, we all have to face the dreaded camel toe. One of the biggest causes of camel toe is tight clothing and too much squishing of the vagina. You can avoid this by doing a few squats and lunges in your tight leggings. Squat and lunge a few times before you put them on, and do a few more exercises while you’re wearing them. This will keep the fabric away from your crotch and your vagina, making the fit a lot more comfortable.

Stretch Them Out with Warm Water
Wearing tight clothing can cut off your circulation and cause your legs to be swollen and painful. Try washing them in warm water before you put them on. This will help your leggings become more flexible and softer, making them fit and hug your body better.

Pull the Heel Back
Sometimes, your tights or leggings don’t fit in the ankles. This is especially true if the heels on your shoes are high. You can remedy this by pulling the ankle of your tights or leggings back and using a rubber band to keep them there. This will make them hug your ankles better.

Try a Different Style
Some styles require thicker tights or even leggings to fit the way they do. You may have tried a pair of leggings and wore them once, only to find that they cause some serious camel toe. But, you don’t have to give up on leggings and tights that you like. Instead, try a new style. Some styles will fit better on you than others. And if you’re a girl who believes that leggings are pants and not pants leggings, try pants instead.

Keep Them Stretched for a Few Minutes
The best way to make your leggings fit you better is to keep them stretched for a few minutes. This will allow them to form your body and fit you better. Tight leggings are hard to keep on, but if you let them form to your body for a little bit, they’ll fit better, hug your body and make it all feel as though you’re not wearing any pants at all.

Cut the Soles Off
If you’ve tried all of the above but you’re still experiencing some problems with your tights or leggings, you can cut off the soles, which will make them a bit shorter. This will make them fit better and should reduce some of the problems that you’re having with them.

Final Thoughts
These are just some of the ways that you can make your tights and leggings fit better on you. It may take a few tries to find a pair that fits the way you need them to. But once you get that perfect pair, you’ll be able to wear them just about anywhere.

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