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Reasons why Leggings will never go out of fashion!

Reasons why Leggings will never go out of fashion!

Every other month we find a new style of pants being labelled as the trendiest style of the generation. Arguments on social media about skinny jeans going out of fashion and mom jeans becoming the new chic look do not seem to end. You know the one thing which never had its usefulness and style in question? That’s right, leggings !

We have several items in our wardrobe which can be called closet essentials, but often we seem to overlook leggings even though you know you can always count on them. A lot of times women just go for a standard black pair of leggings for a casual look, some even wear them under dresses. This goes on to show just how versatile this garment is. But besides these obvious ways of pulling leggings off with every outfit, let us see just how many reasons there are for leggings to stay forever in fashion.

Comfort should always be a priority when it comes to fashion. Leggings provide you comfort beyond par. You can wear them for hours on end without the slightest discomfort. In situations when jeans and other forms of pants will probably not make the cut, you will always have leggings to rely on.

Drawing from the previous point itself, leggings do not restrict your movement as compared to other pants. Isn’t this why people wear leggings to the gym and not jeans? With unrestrained movements, leggings just feel like second skin that enables you to go about your day without uneasiness.

With uses ranging from gym wear to office wear, leggings have the most diverse range of usage. You can wear standard solid leggings for a more casual look, or go for a bold print to make a statement, all without compromising on style and comfort. Leggings can be paired with sneakers for an instant sporty look, with heels for an official look, with boots for an overall chic look, and so on. The versatility of one garment is beyond amazing.

Lastly, it is important to remember that leggings have always existed in one form or the other. Initially worn by men and men only, they made their way into women’s wardrobes in the 19th century. Audrey Hepburn paired ankle-length leggings and ballet flats with a crisp white button-down shirt, or a black turtleneck. Then again in the 1980s, divas like Cyndi Lauper and Paula Abdul wore brightly-coloured, high-cut leggings with spikey stilettos. Seeing that they have remained essential items in wardrobes for a century now, it is safe to assume that leggings are here to stay. Invest in good quality leggings with various options in prints and colours to get on with the comfortable fashion of today. ItsAllLeggings offers you exactly what you need with a range of exquisite leggings, for all occasions. We are sure you will find exactly what you need!

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